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On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, the Faculty of Education Sciences at the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava organized the online conference "Promoting mental health in school" with the main goal of launching the PROMEHS project in Romania. The conference was aimed at teachers (preschool, primary, secondary and high schools), school councellors, parents and policy makers.

The conference has been a real success with a number of 470 participants (teachers in university and pre-university education, researchers in the fields of education and psychology, school counselors, parents of schools and policy makers).

The conference opened with a the speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Education Sciences, Associate Professor Dr. Adina Colomeischi (coordinator of the PROMEHS project in Romania), and by the vice-rector of the University of Stefan cel Mare in Suceava, University Professor Dr. Mihai Dimian.


The conference included lectures on various topics related to mental health, such as socio-emotional development, resilience in school and family, prevention of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents, optimism in school, practices on social and emotional learning.


The topics presented and the lecturers of the conferences were as follows:

  • The presentation of the PROMEHS project was made by the associate professor doctor, Adina COLOMEISCHI (Faculty of Education Sciences, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava);

  • Socio-emotional development, resilience and well-being at school and in the family - associate professor doctor, Petruța RUSU (Faculty of Education Sciences, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava);

  • Manuals developed within the PROMEHS project - for students, teachers, parents and policy makers - university lecturer dr. Diana Sînziana DUCA (Faculty of Education Sciences, Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava);

  • Prevention of anxiety and depression in children and adolescents: applications of Theory of Mind - associate professor doctor, Ioana PODINĂ (Faculty of Psychology, Bucharest University)

  • Increasing optimism in school - associate professor doctor, Daniela MUNTELE HENDREȘ (Faculty of Psychology, A. I. Cuza University, Iași)

  • Perspectives on social and emotional learning: results of evidence-based research and examples of good practice - Scientific Researcher II Angela ANDREI (National Center of Education Policy and Evaluation, the Ministry of Education and Research)

  • Debate on how to promote mental health in school and family – speakers: school inspector Tatiana VÎNTUR, primary school teacher Cornelia FILIP, teacher Marina SIMA, psychologist Alina Ionescu-CORBU.

Press releases

Articles publicising the start of the implementation of the PROMEHS curriculum and the training offered to teachers in Romanian schools which appeared on the web:


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